23 November 2009

Timé Weeps, So We Ride!

I have a tendency to name inanimate objects and bikes are no exception. Timé, my second road bike, is a "middle child" bicycle and has been neglected for the past few weeks when I played with my Roll 2 (which has yet to be named). The story behind Timé's name? There's not much of story like everything else I've appointed a name to--I lack creativity in that regard. Example: I had a stuffed animal whale and his name was Mr. Blue Whale. It's a Time bike so.........I don't think this needs any further explanation of why but here's a video of how you'd pronounce his name:

This Sunday, like many other Sundays for the past year, I rode with a mostly women's group through the wonderfully packed streets of LA along the beach. Katie, as you will in this video, is the person I blame for pushing me over the edge into my obsession for bikes in general. I also blame her for my itch to own a mountain bike NOW. (I'd love to blog about your mountain bikes, Specialized--oh, and don't worry about Timé, I have two other bikes besides the Roll with your name on it...hehe. Talk about brand loyalty. :P )

Here's a short video (err, maybe not so short, sorry) of my ride through the beach cities. How could you NOT fall in love with riding when the sun is shining and the weather is a perfect 68 degrees?

(Ok, again, sorry for bad video quality/lack of video taping skills.)

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  1. I LOVE this video. It feels like a bike ride. And you picked great music for it...morning ridin' music. Thanks for taking us along!