08 November 2009

Fixie+Starla=Le Tired!

It all started out with a tweet from my favorite bike shop, Cynergy Cycles at 1:46 PM as I looked over some spreadsheet full of performance numbers:

@starlah OMG come get you bike girl it's here!!!

I just about screamed, flipped, and danced in the cubicle I’m confined to between the hours of 9 to 5 but contained myself when I realized I needed my job and my health insurance if I was going to ride a fixie.

For the past year, I mostly rode a road bike that allows me to brake, coast, change gears and averaged up to 45 miles per ride, the longest being 80 miles. I knew riding a fixed would be different from the few times I toted around the block on a friend’s bike but I didn’t think it’d be so hard! After a 7 mile trip to the beach and back, I was a little beat an in pain. I think my face says it all:

It literally kicked my behind but I'm super excited for the challenge that lays ahead.

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