13 November 2009

Midweek Decompression Ride

The last week has been a rough one. Over the weekend, there was a family emergency and I slept maybe two hours over a 35+ hour period. Not a lot got accomplished and I didn't go on my regular Sunday ride which left me in a funk. It's a good thing I now have a regular Wednesday ride thanks to Will! It's called the "EHNHDUUURR" ride because by midweek, our brains are fried and we need a little mindless fun.

On this week's ride, we decided to stop by the Kogi BBQ truck to grab some grub--we couldn't find it. But let me rewind for a second, you're probably thinking, "Korean BBQ TRUCK?" Well, around LA, food trucks a.k.a. "roach coaches" or "taco trucks" have been around f o r e v e r and are known to have the best tacos in the Southern California area. The problem is, you had to know where these trucks were and not all of them are good. Kogi BBQ revamped the food truck craze and gave it a whole new twist. They started serving Korean BBQ tacos, quesadillas with kimchee (spicy pickled cabbage) in it, and all these other "fusion" dishes. When they first launched, the lines for this gem was hours long like a Disneyland ride. People caught on to this fad and now there are SO MANY food trucks--the one we found was called Nom Nom. If you live in West LA, you can follow West_LA on twitter for what trucks are around during lunch and dinner.

Anyway, after seeing the MASSIVE crowds, we just continued to ride on through the Marina and Culver City. Night riding is such a great stress reliever. There are less cars on the road, less people, and there is nothing else like pedaling through the fog that rolls in and riding next to the water.

Here's a little clip from our journey on Wednesday night--thanks for everyone that put up with me videotaping. And for those that do choose to view the video, I'm SO SORRY that it's shaky. Riding and recording is not the easiest thing in the world....

If I were a professional, riding through LA would look like this (Jared Leto with some Midnight Ridazz):

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