06 November 2009

Livestrong, Robert

As many of you already know, Globe Bikes, the urban bike division of Specialized, has selected a few of us to write about our experiences with the bikes they’ve provided us. I was one of the very few lucky ones chosen to write about my Globe experience. We’ve all pooled together from different parts of the “globe” (haha, like you didn’t see THAT one coming) to share our day to day journey but I wanted to bring to your attention one Glober in particular that deserves some special attention.

Meet Robert, here: http://robertfuel.com/fight

He’s fighting the fight—the same fight that Lance won and then trampled all over it fivefold AND some. He has kept normalcy and humor in his life despite the chemo and numerous surgeries. Anyway, I just wanted to get the word out. Please send him your well wishes, support, money if you feel so inclined here:


Robert, I’m hoping you’ll get well soon so your mad social media skills can be used to blog about your adventures on your rad new bike!

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