16 November 2009

Chibi Sits, I Stay (Track Standing!)

Meet Chibi, my lovable lump of a dog niece dog. I visited her this weekend in the OC. (Yup, the same OC as that canceled television show. For those of you who don't know, OC stands for Orange County and if you've never heard of the TV show, thank your lucky stars.) Instead of taking her on a walk, we hung out in the front yard, sun bathed under the autumn sky, and she ran around the cul-de-sac as I practiced some things out on my bike. My friend Eric had taught me how to track stand the night before and here is video proof of me showing off my new trick and Chibi showing off her old tricks:

I had crossed one task off my long to-do list of things to learn on my bike so by the end of the night, I moved onto my next big thing. Track standing with no hands. I rolled up to the top of a parking structure so I could practice my moves on a level surface. You can see that I'm still a little shaky given that my arms look like they're flapping in this photo.

And here's me, trying way too hard to look urban. Since I'm not a blur with the slower shutter speed here, you might assume that I've got this whole track stand with hands, down. But don't let this picture or video above fool you, I cave under pressure at a stop light...I'm working on it...


  1. Awesome PIcs Starla! Nice trackstand. I still have yet to learn...

  2. Awesome photos indeed! Great way to show-off a beautiful bike. Looks like you could be somewhere in Jersey.

  3. Good stuff! Love the apocalyptic backdrop look.

  4. I'm waiting for the unicycle to give you my praise. =)

  5. I take offense to "The OC comment", not the fact that you called my county "The OC" but in regards to the show!


    Original air date, 3.16.07

    Dig out this pod and listen to "Act Three. Radio on the TV."