20 November 2009

Bicycle and Coffee

I'm not the biggest coffee drinker by all means but I always seem to find my way to a coffee shop. Part of the reason might be because I get a fifty dollar allowance from work every month at Starbucks. The other part is probably because there is almost always outdoor seating where I can sit, relax, and enjoy the Southern California weather with some friends in between riding. Having the Roll 2 has made it that much easier to just commute to a casual drink because I don't have to put on the whole cycling getup like when I ride my roadie. This past weekend, my every waking moment was either spent on the Roll 2 or sipping a cup of non-joe with my pinky up in the air.

Here are just a few pictures from my pedaling adventures to various beverage shops:

My sister and best friend, Sherry, and her fancy roadie in the back.

Wearing my road jersey...I'm a hybrid.

Cider on a chilly night w/Kenji and Eric.

"Green" bike racks. Bikes locked up to bolted down old bikes!

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