27 November 2009

Justifying my Thanksgiving Meal

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! I lumped around on the couch right after gorging myself with turkey, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie but this year, it was a little different from every other year. This past year, every since my rediscovery of bicycles, I decided to make it a goal to maintain my health and fitness. There was a conglomeration of events that left me determined to make better life choices--eating better foods and exercising being at the top of my list. I started off on a program that had me doing something active six days a week, and biking at least four of those days. In the beginning, it was a difficult adjustment to wake up early in the AM or ride after work when I just wanted to enjoy a margarita at happy hour but over time, I enjoyed it. I sought hills to climb then eventually canyon roads. A little masochistic, I know, but I'm sure every cyclist addict knows what I'm talking about. Exercise was my new addiction.

Somewhere between all my cycling, I decided that I would be fit enough to run a half marathon without much training. Needless to say, I was a fool to think that it'd be "easy" but somehow I finished. Despite all the pain I felt after 13.1 miles of run/walking, I wanted more. Running was a new challenge. I started a new 1/2 marathon training plan and found my next event, a 10k Turkey Trot in beautiful Dana Point, CA.

My T-day morning started at 4:00 am. At that early hour, I couldn't understand why I had ever thought it'd be a great idea to run and leave my warm bed. I have never been so nervous for an event either but I think it's because I actually set a goal for myself AND it's been over a month since I did a run more than two miles. Here's a summary of my thoughts during the run:

Mile 1: So glad it's no longer 47 degrees. It's a perfect 70 degrees and sunny, shoulda worn sunglasses--it's Southern California, what was I thinking?
Mile 1.5:
Elite runners already turned around, wow.
Mile 2: I'm intimidated, everyone has shapely legs like my marathoner friends.
Mile 2.5: I hurt...I'll allow myself to walk for a little bit on mile 3
Mile 3: Urgh, too many spectators, I can't walk and lose face now! ELITE RUNNERS DONE.
Mile 4: Dang it, I CAN'T WALK NOW! I'm already more than halfway done!
Mile 5: My marathoner friends must be
Finish: Wow, I jogged the whole thing and beat my time goal by a minute and a half! WOO!!

I think my turkey dinner was well deserved. :)

OH, and rest assured two-wheelers, I haven't given up on the bike thing. It's my first love and nothing will change that. I'm going for a long ride on Sunday through Malibu! And a night ride on my Roll 2 on Wednesday! YAY!

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