20 January 2010

A Week Without Riding

I was always the kid that had to call out sick because of whatever allergies or illness was ailing me and it seems as though I haven't grown out of it. Without getting too graphic (you know I'm good at posting pictures of my cool injuries), I'm going to say I went to the ER and went under a knife. I wish I could say that it was some awesome cycling injury but unfortunately, it's nothing to write home about. I'm alive, okay, and somewhat functioning (soreness but not as bad as a few days ago) so don't worry!

I haven't had much riding time given my open wounds and torrential rains in LA so I've kept myself entertained by combing through The Dropout: An Austin Bike Zine. They covered the Texas Custom Bike Show which had some pretty cool bikes. It's a pretty new publication and I expect more great things from these guys!

A good friend of mine also felt sorry for me that I'm confined to a couch/bed/indoors so he bought me this DVD. I mean, I love Lance Armstrong but I LOVE George Hincapie. Totally brought my spirits up. :)

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