23 January 2010

Safety First, Seriously

Since I haven't moved much from the last time I posted, except to go to the doctor and somehow manage to sit at my desk at work, I haven't had much time to ride or do much of anything. So I'm taking the opportunity to tell you that helmets save lives originally posted here.
Cruisin’ the Conejo was supposed to be my first organized metric century as well as Bobby’s. Unfortunately for Bobby, he crashed hard at around mile 23 going down a long, straight decent at around 35 mph. By the looks of this photo, I can’t stress how important it is to be wearing a helmet! You might feel “dorky” in a helmet but it really does save lives. Check out his gnarly bruise on his head WITH the helmet. Can you imagine what that’d be like without one? It’s a good thing our friend Debbie was there by his side at the time of the accident…

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