10 January 2010

My scars don't lie, I love to ride! (Warning: A few pictures of battle wounds!)

The tagline to my blog has been "My thighs don't lie, I love to ride" but after my first gnarly fall today, the guys at the shop suggested I change it to "My scars don't lie, I love to ride!" Brilliant!! It would be so fitting considering falling off my bike has been the trend lately. The best part is, I usually have a bigger smile on my face after eating pavement or dirt. I'm in a little bit of pain right now but at least I look tough and will have cool scars, right?

The group today:

Looking like a dork wearing my new Mellow Johnny's jersey. I have yet to eat dirt when this was taken.

The boys from the shop downhilling. Some good spills but kudos to them for making it down in one piece. Although, I think this is where Mark (top) dislocated his shoulder....and then popped it back in himself.

Unfortunate flat. Teaming together to fit to 26 (?) tube for a 29.

Elbow pads saved me.

My knee pads that are on backorder would have been nice today...

Mark's cool injury and his runin with the cranks...

Mark was smiling really big. Seriously.

I think I have more than one knee. It actually looks worse in person. Who knew taking a picture of your own knee could be so difficult.

Post ride meal. The best tortas milanesa EVER from Tacos Por Favor. Makes all the pain go away....except when your stomach hurts from too much chipotle sauce. :)

Now I have to figure out how to run this dang half marathon I signed up for with a bum knee....whoops. :)


  1. Is it wrong that I'm not (well, impressed would leave the wrong impression here, I think).. but.. less grossed out than I perhaps should be?

    Not that I'm pleased anyone was hurt.

  2. Heck, I'll say I'm a little disappointed I didn't have more impressive wounds! And you can be "pleased" I got hurt--it's all part of the sport.