12 February 2010

Necessary Evil: Running

Although I could just solely stick to biking, I feel the need to cross train and that means I have to run. The masochist cyclist in me that drags my friends on long, sometimes very hilly rides (Malibu Canyon, anyone?) apparently rears it's little head when I decide to "go for a quick, short run." The funny thing is, it's not very quick nor is it very short. I will say that with only two weeks to prep since my recovery from the stint in the ER, I was able to accomplish three out of four of my goals.

1) Jog the entire 13.1 miles
2) Keep a consistent breathing rhythm

And the one goal I didn't reach?

4) Time. Grrr! At least I had a burst of adrenaline the last couple of hundred feet to actually sprint. Slowest out of all my friends that ran but 3 out of 4 ain't so bad, right?

Besides, running and biking gives me an excuse to eat whatever I want. Considering this run was on Super Bowl Sunday--well, let's just say I gained all the weight I lost during that run back...that evening.

And next time, I'll remember to smile no matter how much my knees and hips are hurting. (Haha, I look SO awful but there's nothing like publicly embarrassing myself!)

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