10 February 2010

Bikes + ♥

I'm not a big fan of the upcoming Hallmark holiday that everyone celebrates every 14th day of February but in recognition of that day, I found a few things bicycle and ♥ related that made me feel warm and gooey, no matter how sad the content really was. Mostly because if you throw a bicycle in any mix, I'm going to smile. Real big. Here's a sequence of my thought process and findings....

1) It all started with this blog post in the New York Times called Two Wheels + Two Seats = Love. Apparently, "if you want to see how solid your marriage is, give it a test ride on a tandem bike." SpokesNYT is an interesting urban cyclist on twitter too if you're interested.

2) Then I thought, if tandem bikes are used to measure how solid your marriage is, do couples bother to ride one BEFORE tying the knot? I eventually ended up looking at wedding photos with bicycles and found these to be super cute originally found on this blog.

3) But sometimes, relationships come to an end and when you're feeling down and out, sad love songs make you feel less alone. This is when you listen to She & Him's Black Hole.
But I'm stuck here
Getting misty over you
I'm alone, on a bicycle for two.

4) I guess if you fell in love on a bike, you might hang up your bicycle for a while like this chick on this blog and prompt you to caption it, "There it hung— a bicycle built for two, an exclamation point to her lonesome heart." So emo...

5) But it's probably safe to say, eventually, you'll get back on your bike and fall in love all over again whether it be with someone else, riding, or both like in this short film:

Personally, I'll be spending my Valentine's day with my boyfriend a.k.a Timé the bicycle, riding my first century in romantic Palm Springs. He never hurts my feelings.... :P

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