02 February 2010

George Hincapie!

I live in West Los Angeles and there are plenty of celebrities around this side of town but I'm never "star struck" by anyone really. I see Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey cycling around the hood (in Cynergy and Specialized gear), saw Carson Daly at Cynergy Cycles, Seal (the singer, husband of Heidi Klum) cut me off in his car, Conan O'Brien lives up the street, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are frequents at my local farmer's market and I could really care less but put a professional cyclist in front of me and I get dumb. Real dumb. I mean, I think this picture pretty much explains everything:

He is known for being "nice" and he was totally so sweet to me when I caught him walking out the door and begged him for a picture and an autograph. :)

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  1. George is somewhere right now bragging about how he "met Starla and couldn't stop blushing". I can't prove that, but...