30 December 2009

I cheated on the Roll 2...

And I went mountain biking on this sweet ride:

Yup, it's an Specialized S-Works Safire!! Sweeeeeeet........ We even had one of Specialized's own, Elon, join us for the ride. He pretty much left us in the dust...I mean, if my company had lunch time rides, I'd be in better shape too. This is him him on the left enjoying the view from the top, waiting for the runt of the group, me.

Rico doing some crazy downhilling. It's a lot steeper than the picture shows.

Crazy, beautiful view. You can see all the way to Palos Verdes, CA.

Jim is THE man at my favorite bike shop, Cynergy Cycles.

The group. There were a bunch of first timers too. It was absolutely AWESOME.

This is what happens after a GREAT ride:

You fall over with exhaustion and you have a big grin on your face like me!!!

Guess who is going to be getting a new mountain bike soon? :)


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  2. Super J...Super duper J...shoot, I'd ride an S-works Safire! Looked like fun Starla!