19 December 2009

Cyclists vs. Hipsters

I'm always the butt of every one of my cycling friends' jokes but for the past few months they've been really big on calling me a "hipster" mostly since I started riding the Roll 2 fixie. Personally, I don't think I'm anywhere near cool enough or hip-to-it to be considered a "hipster." According to this "Evolution of the Hipster" timeline, I'm not anything like what's listed--I'm seriously just not that cool. (Btw, do kids even say "cool" anymore??) Anyway, I should have pictures up from my ride Friday night soon so you can judge for yourself if I'm a hipster or not.

For those of you who are not familiar with the riff between hipsters and cyclists, you NEED to check out this video. It's hilarious and I've probably seen this at least twenty times. I don't see why I can't I be both an urban fixie rider and a roaide! And hey Specialized, I think we need to get the "road cyclist" on a real road bike, don't you think? Maybe a Tarmac?

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