24 May 2010

Bike Geek Weekend with MASH SF and GoldSprints

Okay, so I said I was done blogging here but I couldn't NOT blog about this Saturday. I didn't make it to the AMGEN Tour of California time trials in Downtown LA but I made up for it tenfold--at least from my perspective.

If you've never heard of MASH SF, you should really check them out. Long story short, they rode the last year's Tour of California route through the hellish rain and endured the same 750 miles the pros did but on fixed gear bikes. The thought of riding that many miles hurts my knees but it made for a great story--so good the had a gallery full of their journey in pictures, gear, and video. And because I'm a bike dork, I had get a picture with MASH's very own (and Specialized's) Garrett Chow.


After checking out MASH stuff and picking up a pair of arm warmers (I'm a sucker for colorful arm warmers), I headed over to Cynergy Cycles where they had plenty of booze at the GoldSprints event. What is it exactly? Racing on rollers.

Here's Eric and I taking part in a couples' relay race. We're winning in this picture but it was a really close race and I lost the lead in the end by a second. Lame. I hate losing. This is when I decided that my tailbone is 100% better and I'm ready to get back in bike shape just in case I ever have the opportunity to do this again. I have to redeem myself, dang it!

Eric and Elon below. It was a really close race. Only, this was Elon's 6th race in a row. Sidenote: I have no idea how he didn't throw up after sprinting 500m, six times, all under 20 seconds.


  1. Hey Starla!
    Awesome post. I wanted to come down for that stage but couldn't make because I had some friends visiting from out of town. Love that picture of you laying down the hammer!!

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